Grand Image Home

Grand Image Home

Grand Image HOME was designed so that every individual can curate their own personal and unique collection. By consistently carrying select artists and frame designs throughout each line, the artwork can be mix and matched for a polished and personalized look no matter your style. From bold statement pieces, to intimate ornate illustrations, atmospheric abstracts, and dramatic modern photography, there’s truly something here for everyone.

Bring Grand Image HOME.

Opening Order

Wholesale: No opening Order or Annual Required.
Dealer: $2500 opening order / $5,000 annual.  Dealer pricing is granted to customers who are approved & meet opening / annual requirements.

Lead Time

4 Weeks

Ships From

Seattle, WA

Shipping and Freight

Freight: 20% of order total invoice

Return Policy

No Returns Accepted

Cancellation Policy

Orders may be cancelled within 48 Hours of being placed.

Payment Methods

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover

Main Office

Seattle, WA

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